Graceful And Fancy On Winter

Nothing could be more romantic than a wedding ceremony during the winter months. The falling temperature didn’t stop Jacqueline and Darrell from tying the knot in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Their love, rather, gave warmth to the day as the couple celebrated such a wonderful moment in their lives. It was a rain of red, purple and gold that bring together every amusing detail during the wedding. Well, who knows you might want to have such kind of wedding somebody so read on! Shots from Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers are fun worth seeing for. Hooray!

Blissful in the Market!

Every wedding has its own beauty and I really found this to be so unique and awesome. It was a one bright afternoon and was held at the one and only Grand Rapids Downtown Market in the beautiful place of Michigan. Apeige Photography will showcase to us how this wedding turned out to be so blissful for inspiration!

Fun and Dramatic at the City

Katie and David were married on a hot summer day last year. The night shots at a few iconic locations concluded a fun and dramatic day at the city. Here’s what Susan Hennessey Photography had to say about their wedding:

Downtown Bliss

Evan and Toni are a sweet couple and both wanted an elegant wedding. which is exactly what their wedding was all about. Every detail was so perfect and memorable for the couple, not just to them but also to the friends and family who were there to witness their love of a lifetime! Let us take a peek to these lovely shots by Amanda Callaway Photography. Enjoy!