Rustic Elegance At The 1880 Union Hotel

Choosing a wedding venue is so far the greatest decision any future bride will make. Some choose the beach while some like their big day to be held in hotels. If you’re the latter, we have a good set inspiration for you today. While we also have featured other wedding venues, let’s take a closer look at 1880 Union Hotel – a place that will surely radiate a rustic and elegant mood for your wedding guests. See some more photos below!

Classy Western Wedding

Hello there, ladies! If you’re looking for a western themed inspiration then today’s feature is perfect for you. Chase and Lindsay wanted everything to be special. They wanted to have a western themed wedding but with a modern classy twist and indeed everything came to place and it was awesome. Their peach and brown color scheme is perfect! Their decorations were not just for aesthetics but also represented the journey of their wonderful love story. Their wedding was held at Hidden Pines Chapel, Texas and captured through the lenses of Adria Lea Photography. Wallow through these photos and be amazed by their classy western wedding!