Glamorous Wedding Favor Ideas

If you’re still trying to decide what wedding favors to give out for your wedding but you simply can’t find ideas that you feel are glamorous or elegant enough, you’re in the right place! You certainly don’t have to stick with the cookie-cutter wedding favor ideas for your wedding, and it’s refreshing for the bride and groom to think outside the box. Check out the following for some absolutely glamorous wedding favor ideas:

Choosing Truly Elegant Wedding Favors That Guests Will Love

Brides who want their wedding day to be truly elegant can often have a difficult time choosing appropriate favors. It’s important that favors are not only elegant and wonderful, but that guests will actually use and enjoy them rather than simply tossing them in the nearest garbage can or closet. The tips below will help brides choose fantastic favors that guests will absolutely love.

Love is Brewing – A Wedding Inspiration Shoot

Love is Brewing - A Wedding Inspiration Shoot

As a lover of coffee and tea, I am definitely a fan of this inspiration shoot. Needless to say, my favorite parts would be the tea bag favors as well as the coffee beans in the decor. It also features quite an interesting color palette, lovely florals, and a romantic tulle and lace wedding dress.

5 Elegant Wedding DIY Ideas

The internet is jam-packed with DIY wedding projects, and if you search that specific term on Pinterest, you could be there for days. Many of the DIY projects seem incredibly difficult to do, or end up looking very “handmade,” which is something many brides don’t want. The following projects are not only easy to do, but they have a professional, elegant look.

Vintage and Sentimental

Vintage and sentimental items are not automatically similar but it is undeniable that if they’re both present, they do work together pretty well. Especially when it comes to something very personal to the bride, like her wedding gown. At first it may seem that our bride’s wedding gown was intentionally designed to look a little bit old-fashioned but in fact it’s more of a sentimental choice, for a part of it actually came from the bride’s mom’s gown way back. The idea to have a part of your parent’s wedding in your own is something not every couple are given the opportunity to have, so it’s heartwarming when a bride and groom decides to incorporate their parent’s history into the start of their future.