Vibrantly OH So Happy

This beautiful wedding is a mix of modern and rustic, and polished while at the same time candid. After planning the day for a year, expectations were high but were completely surpassed! What a wonderful day to celebrate in Ohio if you know that everyone in the room, including the vendors, are genuinely happy for the both of you. Congratulations Laura and Adam!

Love With No Limits

A day that’s filled with all the glitz and glamour is the way to describe the wedding of this stunning couple, Serina and Will. The couple may have the best of both worlds yet their wedding became more glorious as God’s presence overshadowed everything. The love that they share is truly one that’s without limits! Congratulations Serina and Will!

A Remarkable Happily Ever After

What happens during a wedding planner’s big day? You got it right, one of the most beautiful wedding days ever photographed and not a single detail was overlooked! Their wedding theme is their own love story, a truly remarkable one! These public school sweethearts, Ashley and Mike, like many classics, will stand the test of time! Thank you for inspiring all of us and know that we’re one in celebrating with your happily ever after!

When Rural Becomes Magical

Here’s one goofy yet truly beautiful couple with a breathtaking rural estate wedding at Saratoga Springs. It was indeed a magical moment as both the couple’s families and friends celebrated and helped with the wedding preparations. With that said, we can easily tell that this couple is dearly loved by everyone. As they exited their reception in a bubble machine with everyone cheering them on as they left for their honeymoon, we’re also here cheering you on your next chapter as husband and wife! Congratulations, Caitlin and Jack!

Add Some Wow to Your Wedding Using Candles

Few things add more elegance and beauty to a wedding than candles. When used in large amounts, they can certainly add some amazing wow factor to any wedding. We’ve collected some of our favorite examples of how candles have been used to create a beautiful effect during wedding ceremonies and receptions. Perhaps one of these will be the inspiration you need to add some wow to your elegant wedding.