Elegant Wedding Cake Designs to Inspire You

If you’re trying to determine what sort of wedding cake design you want for your wedding, these fantastic cakes can serve as inspiration. Talented bakers can create beautiful cakes in any flavor, with any filling or frosting you want.

Simple Fondant Cake

This beautiful wedding cake is both simple and elegant, and covered in lime-green fondant. The only embellishments are the ribbons around the tiers. You can have this kind of cake created in any color you want, and it can be one single color or several.

Fondant Wedding Cake
Photo Source: destinationweddingmag.com

Simple Buttercream Cake

Another very simple cake, this one is done in buttercream frosting and has a lovely texture to it. Very simple embellishments make this a classic-looking cake that is beautiful and elegant.

Buttercream Cake
Photo Source: jaredwilsonphotography.com

Traditional Embellished Cake

This beautiful and elegant 4-tier cake is highly embellished with piping and the couple’s initial. All in an off-white color, it’s a classic look that is extremely elegant. The embellishments include paisley-design piping and pearls around the base of the tiers.

Embellished Cake
Photo Source: mypearlescake.com

Whimsical, Elegant Cake

This incredibly beautiful cake is simple and whimsical, featuring a non-traditional topper and peach and pink colored roses. This is probably a more cost-efficient cake because there are no fancy embellishments or piping.

Whimsical, Elegant Cake
Photo Source: jenneferwilson.com

Boho Style Wedding Cake

This beautiful wedding cake has a boho feel, and each layer is decorated differently. Featuring a gray/purple foundation with red embellishments and pearl embellishments, this is a truly beautiful and unique cake design.

Boho Wedding Cake
Photo Source: cakecoquette.com

Use these cakes as inspiration when trying to decide what your own wedding cake will look like.

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  1. Thanks, Jessica for sharing these beautiful cake wedding ideas with us. These designs are looking very nice. I love this site soo much. Thanks!!

  2. These elegant wedding cake designs are truly inspiring! The intricate details and sophisticated styles showcased here provide a wealth of ideas for creating a beautiful and memorable centerpiece for any wedding celebration.


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