Wedded the Modern Minimalist Way

Shareen and Jack were able to depict their personality through the design they chose for their big day. The open, bright and naturally-lit ceremony made not only for wonderful photos but a gladsome and cheerful attitude that lent well to the couple! Despite the weather not cooperating and an outdoor ceremony being moved inside last minute, they remained positive as they loved the photographs showcasing the tempestuous weather. Their wedding was unblemished as these two absolutely know how to live life with a healthy dose of optimism. Shareen and Jack – wishing you both a wonderful journey ahead as you make your bond stronger than ever!

Extra Special Details

g93bzdfu3cdqfkvo6d31_lowShareen and Jack’s lovely wedding ceremony and reception were hosted at the Battery Gardens in the southern tip of Manhattan.  It’s a lovely venue that combines the sophistication of the city with the beautiful view and space at the junction of the Hudson and East Rivers.
xa5nn0m2wyooz5oxdn50_lowAmazing bouquets from Javier Demera of Jolie Events, the in-house florist at the Battery Gardens.
k3x233b6610cxh7y2936_lowVintage-inspired details such as the chairs, name cards and fonts were chosen to keep the theme consistent while also holding onto a more modern, minimalist approach to avoid clutter!

Tips from the Photographer

♥ Start planning early! Shareen and Jack contacted me over a year before their wedding so we had plenty of time to work out every last detail beforehand!

♥ Settle on a style or theme for the wedding first before trying to make decisions otherwise you’ll end up backtracking and having to change some choices you made if they’re not compatible!

♥ Be open to trying something new. Your fiancee may suggest something you never thought of and this process is yet another great way to build intimacy and trust!

Money Matters

$5,000 – $10,000


Photographer:  Angel Project Photo & Video
Cinema and Video: Angel Project Photography
Reception Venue: Battery Gardens
Caterer: Battery Gardens Catering Restaurant

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