Elegant Ideas for Your At-Home Wedding

Many people are under the impression that having a wedding at home is tacky or cheap, but at-home weddings can be truly stunning! Whether you’re planning to have your wedding at your home or at a family home that means a lot to you, we’ve gathered up some fantastic ideas you can use for inspiration to make it truly elegant and breathtaking.

Wedding Lace: 5 Examples of Unique Lace Wedding Ideas and Examples

Lace goes with weddings like coffee goes with mornings – it’s like it was made specifically for them! Whether you’re going to have a lace-draped wedding with beautiful rustic touches or a modern wedding with just a bit of lace, we think you’ll appreciate today’s post. We’ve gathered some genius and gorgeous examples and ideas of lace in weddings to share with you! Feel free to use it as inspiration or just enjoy.