5 Ways to Add Color to Your Wedding

If you’re looking for great ways to add color to your wedding, then you’re in luck. Many brides have found wonderful solutions for adding in a pop of color here and there, and we’re passing it along to you.

1. Give Each Bridesmaid a Color

This one is incredibly beautiful and will turn your guests’ heads! Simply start with a neutral bridesmaid dress color and give each bridesmaid a color. Incorporate that color in their bouquet, shoes, sashes, etc. The overall look is really stunning!

5 Ways to Add Color to Your Wedding
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2. Opt for a Non-Traditional Dress

Who says your wedding dress has to be all white? Go for a colored dress or incorporate pops of color into your white dress. A colored petticoat, sash and shoes are the perfect accessory to add lots of beautiful color to your big day.

5 Ways to Add Color to Your Wedding
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3. Create a Balloon Wall

Tie colorful balloons to a string and hang it along a back wall. Then, repeat the process all the way down the wall for a beautiful, colored balloon wall. This is a perfect place for photos, as it will look quite impressive as a backdrop!

5 Ways to Add Color to Your Wedding
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4. Ribbons

Hang ribbons across the ceiling in shades of all colors for a bright and vivid color addition. If you don’t want all colors, you can use ribbons in your wedding colors. This is a fun and affordable way to brighten up your reception.

5 Ways to Add Color to Your Wedding
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5. Colored Fans

For an outdoor wedding, give your guests fans in all colors of the rainbow! These are super easy to create and very affordable, so they’re an easy way to add color.

5 Ways to Add Color to Your Wedding
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These fantastic ideas can help you beautify your special day and ensure that it’s everything you want it to be!

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