Glamorous Wedding Favor Ideas

If you’re still trying to decide what wedding favors to give out for your wedding but you simply can’t find ideas that you feel are glamorous or elegant enough, you’re in the right place! You certainly don’t have to stick with the cookie-cutter wedding favor ideas for your wedding, and it’s refreshing for the bride and groom to think outside the box. Check out the following for some absolutely glamorous wedding favor ideas:

The Simple Elegance of a Black and White Wedding

While in recent years, colorful weddings have been quite popular, a color palette that never goes out of style is the traditional and stylish black and white palette. There are so many things that can be done with a black and white wedding palette; it looks fantastic all on its own, but also works very well with virtually any other color. We’ve gathered some of our most favorite examples of the simple elegance of a black and white wedding. Check them out below:

Elegant Ideas for Your At-Home Wedding

Many people are under the impression that having a wedding at home is tacky or cheap, but at-home weddings can be truly stunning! Whether you’re planning to have your wedding at your home or at a family home that means a lot to you, we’ve gathered up some fantastic ideas you can use for inspiration to make it truly elegant and breathtaking.

4 Elegant Wedding Menu Options

When you’re planning an elegant wedding, whether it will be an intimate group of close friends and family or the biggest event of the year, it’s important to have gorgeous and delicious menu options. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite and some of the most elegant wedding menu options we’ve come across. Perhaps these dishes will give you some inspiration as you’re planning your wedding menu.

5 Ways to Make Balloons Elegant for Your Reception

When most people think of any type of party décor, they think of balloons. They’re definitely a must, but plain old balloons aren’t very elegant. Here are 5 ways to make balloons elegant for your wedding reception