Renee & Daniel – Springtime Blush

Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried099_lowThis is such an elegant outdoor wedding with sweet and soft details. The album was lovely to look at because the palette blended smoothly for there were no colors that looked out of place. A bride can never go wrong with white, pink and khaki. The event was held in the bride’s childhood home and I’ve always liked the idea of  starting a new chapter of your life in a place that means the world to you. As much as ballrooms and halls are beautiful and spacious, there’s also that certain charm your home can only provide. That’s what our couple did and look how wonderful and elegant everything turned out to be!

Congratulations Renee & Daniel!v

collage3 collage2 collage1 collage4 Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried427_low Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried224_low Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried230_low Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried069_low

When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew. -William Shakespeare

Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried476_low Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried329_low Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried434_low Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried345_low Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried354_low Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried358_low collage5 collage6 Barnett_Weatherly_Studio_De_Jonge_ReneeandDanielMarried642_low

What would you say, the overall story for this album?

Childhood sweethearts marry at the bride’s childhood home. Springtime blush wedding with a vintage, elegant inspiration.

What inspired the wedding day outfits?

Classic and elegant feel with an emphasis on matching the personalities of the bride and her girls with their dresses.

What was your favorite part of the day?

The father-daughter dance.


Photographer:  Studio De Jonge
Cake Designer:  Cakes by Margie
Event Planner:  Chiara Company
Caterer:  Fugazzis Bistro
DJ:  Hendrix Mobile Entertainment
Lighting:  Setting the Stage
Floral Designer:  Sweet Memories Flowers

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