Vintage and Sentimental


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Vintage and sentimental items are not automatically similar but it is undeniable that if they’re both present, they do work together pretty well. Especially when it comes to something very personal to the bride, like her wedding gown. At first it may seem that our bride’s wedding gown was intentionally designed to look a little bit old-fashioned but in fact it’s more of a sentimental choice, for a part of it actually came from the bride’s mom’s gown way back. The idea to have a part of your parent’s wedding in your own is something not every couple are given the opportunity to have, so it’s heartwarming when a bride and groom decides to incorporate their parent’s history into the start of their future.

What would you say, the overall story for this album?

A winter wonderland as I have called it. A smooth, relaxed day that brought two people together. A formal event done for all the right reasons with all the right touches. The ceremony was held at an elaborate cathedral in downtown Birmingham. The bride had a first look with her father who is a Reverend before he escorted her to the front steps of the church for the first look with her husband to be.
The couple chose to have all of their portraits taken beforehand expect for the family formals. The guests continued on to the reception held at an elegant venue in Homewood called Park Lane in the English Village. A smooth jazz band played to add just the right feel to the evening. Guests indulged in food, drinks, and good cheers and they celebrated the couple’s union.
At the completion of the night, the bride and groom departed through a rain of snow and drove into the night in a Bentley.

What inspired the wedding day outfits?

The wedding party colors just came from bride’s choice on what she was drawn towards when she was in the bridal shop. She admired the gold colors. As for her wedding dress, it holds more meaning. Thirty three years ago in January, her parents were married. Natalie wanted to wear or incorporate her mother’s dress in some way or fashion. They tried to recycle the fabric but was only successful in salvaging the sleeves which were french lace. Her sleeves were cut and created the lace bolero. She also wore her grandmother’s pearls as she was unable to attend the wedding.

What was your favorite part of the day?

Rev. Andrew Pearson led one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Not going to lie, a tear came to my eye during his talk about love and what having a Christian marriage means. One of the things he mentioned that stands out more than any is “marriage is loving someone in their unlovelyness and brokenness”. I loved how he described what it means to actually love someone — loving someone for who they really are. Loving someone for worse, for poorer, and in sickness. I don’t think he could have described it better. Even when he mentioned “you love them, warts and all.

Was there any Do it Yourself (DIY) projects? If so, can you describe them in detail?

The wedding favors were the only DIY items at the wedding. Her mother owns a jelly business where she specializes in datil pepper jelly. She made custom labeled mini jars as a thank you to the guest.

What were the highlights from the ceremony & reception?

The ceremony was held in a gorgeous cathedral church. The sanctuary simply took your breath away. The ceremony presented by the Reverend was a highlight in itself. As for the reception, again the decor and vibe blew you away. It was an elegant, formal reception. The lighting and vintage decor added just the right touch. It was catered by the owners of the venue Kathy G. and Company, and it was delicious. Dancing was a hit with the live jazz band who entertained the guest. It brought a very classy feel that fit the night just right.

Was there a theme for the ceremony and reception?

No theme. Just a formal, sophisticated ceremony and reception.

What part of the ceremonies do you think was the most memorable for the bride and groom? Guests?

I would say it all could be memorable. From the stunning cathedral the guest sat in listening to the special words as the Reverend joined these two as one to the wonderful tunes played by the jazz band. Since it took place in January and was cold, it was fitting for the guest to throw fake snow as they departed which I have never seen at a wedding I photographed. It wasn’t your standard wedding or over the top wedding either. The perfect fit and feel that joined two people together who you can tell really love each other. To them, this day wasn’t a show. It was a day to join their lives together with family and friends in a nice, classy way.


Photographer:  Jewels Photography
Band:  Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame
Transportation:  Bentley Rental
Ceremony Location:  Cathedral Church of the Advent
Caterer:  Kathy G. & Company
Event Venue:  Park Lane

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