Carved Candles: Adding Gorgeous Elegance to Your Wedding

Candles are practically a given when it comes to wedding décor; tall tapered candles, large pillar candles, floating candles and tealites. They are certainly a large part of the overall feel of the décor. Carved candles aren’t typically considered when one plans a wedding, but they definitely should be. We’ve gathered some of our favorite examples of stunning carved candles to show you why they should be added to your wedding décor!

The Simple Elegance of a Black and White Wedding

While in recent years, colorful weddings have been quite popular, a color palette that never goes out of style is the traditional and stylish black and white palette. There are so many things that can be done with a black and white wedding palette; it looks fantastic all on its own, but also works very well with virtually any other color. We’ve gathered some of our most favorite examples of the simple elegance of a black and white wedding. Check them out below:

Choosing Truly Elegant Wedding Favors That Guests Will Love

Brides who want their wedding day to be truly elegant can often have a difficult time choosing appropriate favors. It’s important that favors are not only elegant and wonderful, but that guests will actually use and enjoy them rather than simply tossing them in the nearest garbage can or closet. The tips below will help brides choose fantastic favors that guests will absolutely love.

Sequins for Your Wedding: Elegant or Too Much?

Over the past few years, wedding trends have established that glitter is okay, as long as it’s tastefully done. In fact, it has become one of the most popular additions to wedding décor of all kinds. What about sequins, though? Do they have a place in today’s weddings or are they best left in the 80’s? Let’s take a look at some tips on using sequins for your wedding:

Elegant Ideas for Your At-Home Wedding

Many people are under the impression that having a wedding at home is tacky or cheap, but at-home weddings can be truly stunning! Whether you’re planning to have your wedding at your home or at a family home that means a lot to you, we’ve gathered up some fantastic ideas you can use for inspiration to make it truly elegant and breathtaking.