Wedding Lace: 5 Examples of Unique Lace Wedding Ideas and Examples

Lace goes with weddings like coffee goes with mornings – it’s like it was made specifically for them! Whether you’re going to have a lace-draped wedding with beautiful rustic touches or a modern wedding with just a bit of lace, we think you’ll appreciate today’s post. We’ve gathered some genius and gorgeous examples and ideas of lace in weddings to share with you! Feel free to use it as inspiration or just enjoy.

Wedding Invitation Inspiration: Stunning Gold Foil

If you’re still in the planning phase where you’re tearing your hair out trying to find the perfect wedding invitations, then this is the post for you. Allow us to introduce you to the unbelievable beauty of gold foil wedding invitations. Check out these amazing designs!

Bold but Elegant Wedding Makeup for the ‘Not Necessarily Traditional’ Bride

You’re the lucky woman who is able to pull off the richest jewel toned clothing, the super-long sparkling earrings, the vivid and chunky bangle bracelets – and manage to make it all look elegant and stunning. The rest of us human women look up to you and wish desperately that we could wear the mustard-yellow sweater and make it look like a million bucks. For your wedding day, why play down your amazing ability to rock the bold looks? Here are some gorgeous and bold wedding makeup ideas that are still elegant and beautiful!

Elegant Cake Stands – The Beauty Shouldn’t Stop at the Fondant

While a lot of emphasis is placed on the cake and what it should look and taste like, the beauty shouldn’t stop there. An amazing cake can be dulled by the wrong cake stand, while the perfect one can look absolutely stunning. Check out some of the most elegant and beautiful cake stands we’ve seen, along with tips for using them.