Choosing Truly Elegant Wedding Favors That Guests Will Love

Brides who want their wedding day to be truly elegant can often have a difficult time choosing appropriate favors. It’s important that favors are not only elegant and wonderful, but that guests will actually use and enjoy them rather than simply tossing them in the nearest garbage can or closet. The tips below will help brides choose fantastic favors that guests will absolutely love.

Staying Away from Cliché Favors


One of the best ways to ensure that your wedding favors are thoroughly enjoyed is to choose favors that aren’t overdone. Rather than choosing the same types of favors all of your friends have chosen or the ones you see everywhere online, go for something rarely seen. For instance, mini boxes of chocolate truffles are very elegant, and much more rare than Jordan Almonds or assorted chocolates. Tiny bottles of premium champagne or wine are classier than tiny bottles of liquor, and not as common.

To Personalize or Not


One of the most popular trends right now is personalized wedding favors. While brides tend to adore personalized wedding favors, sometimes personalization can make favors difficult for guests to reuse in their own homes. A candleholder that says “Ben and Jessica – 2015” probably isn’t going to find its way to the top of the nightstand in Kelly and Mark’s bedroom. A great rule of thumb to keep in mind is that personalization works great for items that could be placed in a photo album or scrapbook or edible items while items meant to display in the home shouldn’t be personalized.

Edible Wedding Favors


Edible wedding favors are not only some of the most well-received favors, but can be incredibly elegant as well. Assorted chocolates, gourmet jams and honey, pastries and even chocolate bars can be extremely elegant if presented well. When choosing packaging, go for the “less is more” theory when it comes to colors and designs. Often times, the simplest packages are the most elegant. A black box of chocolates with gold foil fonts, a chocolate bar with gold foil and a muted wrapper; these are elegant and will be well received.

It’s easy to choose wedding favors that are both elegant and well-loved by guests if you follow the tips above. Most importantly, make sure your favors express your own personality and style, as it is your day and everything should center on you!

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