A Luxurious Spring Wedding

I know the weather is getting quite chilly so our feature today can serve as a nice reminder of one thing to look forward to in the upcoming months – spring! This elegant wedding was adorned with what makes that certain season beautiful, flowers. Lots of flowers. The cake was subtly designed with embossed floral details. The reception tables were adorned with it as well. And lastly, the portraits were taken in a lovely garden that had blossoms in purple, orange, and white. Ah, this just makes you long for the return of spring. Anyway, congratulations Jessica & Kristopher!

Seasonal Wedding Flowers for December and January

Seasonal Wedding Flowers for December and January

Brides who are planning a beautiful winter wedding can save money if they utilize flowers that are in season. This includes flowers that are readily available from their local florist and don’t need to be imported. The trick is to know which flowers are in season for the winter months. The following flowers are perfect seasonal wedding flowers for December and January!

Brooke & Tavis – Romantic Elegance

“Never forget about the person you are marrying”, turned out to be the best advice that Brooke had received when she was planning her wedding. And I strongly agree to that. I’ve always believed that weddings should be centered between the bride & groom.