Courtney & Travis – Dashing Duo

This dashing duo surely knows how to create a fun atmosphere. And you can tell that just by looking at these photos taken by Robin Haws. They are a breath of fresh air from the other couples we have featured — because they are not afraid to show character in their photos, you can tell that by the numerous shots of Travis and Courtney showing off their goofy side. They are a perfect example that you can be funny and classy at the same time. Robin Haws shares with us how amazingly fun it was to shoot this incredible duo from start to finish –

Travis and Courtney’s spring wedding in south Texas was absolutely perfect. After a week of dreary skies and high winds, the skies became sunny and the breeze was at a minimum, blessing us with the perfect weather to compliment all the other beauty of the day. From the expressive bride to the super fun groom, the hilarious bridal party, beautiful venues and everything in between, the Pollard’s nuptials were ideal. We were lucky enough to be able to photograph at an extravagantly gorgeous private residence after the ceremony, complete with impeccable landscaping, front drive that included a fountain and a vintage car. Courtney’s natural beauty was only enhanced by her amazing hair and makeup job from Josh & Company and she positively glowed throughout the day. This bride and groom are constantly laughing and Courtney’s personality can fill a room. Their happiness is definitely infectious and everyone around them was filled with joy and the day was filled with emotion and smiles. The reception venue was decorated with simple elegance by Oh Goodie Designs and from the cake to the flowers, every detail was perfect. While guests dined and danced, Courtney and Travis continued to celebrate their love with amazing music, incredible food and the company of their close family and friends.

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Photographer:  Studio Eleven Photography
Reception Venue: Caesar Kleburg Wildlife Center
Hair Stylist:Josh & Company
Event Planner:Oh Goodie Designs

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