How To Take Elegant Wedding Photos Even Without A Photographer

While a wedding photographer is one of the worthiest wedding expenditures, there are times when a couple simply can’t spare the cost. There are also times when the photographer backs out at the last moment, leaving the bride and groom unable to hire another and unsure of what to do. With these tips, it’s possible to take elegant and beautiful wedding photos even without a photographer.

Carved Candles: Adding Gorgeous Elegance to Your Wedding

Candles are practically a given when it comes to wedding décor; tall tapered candles, large pillar candles, floating candles and tealites. They are certainly a large part of the overall feel of the décor. Carved candles aren’t typically considered when one plans a wedding, but they definitely should be. We’ve gathered some of our favorite examples of stunning carved candles to show you why they should be added to your wedding décor!

Perfecting DIY and Elegance

Being artsy and crafty on your wedding details is one of the growing trends for decorating your special day. Not only is it fun to do with your friends and family, but there’s this certain kind of pleasure you can get upon seeing your guests enjoy and coo over your creations. However, DIY decors usually give out some sort of casual vibe so it’s a bit tricky to maintain elegance with this vision in mind. But fret not our dear readers! For our feature today is about a wedding that has perfected DIY and elegance (add some ‘vintage’ too for a little bit of oomph). We’ll let the pictures do all the talking – for now. Oh and before we let you scroll down, I wanted to point out how cute the little pink bowties the groom and his entourage wore. Adorable! Congratulations Kylene & Jared!

8 Ways to Add Glitter to Your Wedding

8 Ways to Add Glitter to Your Wedding

If you love glitter, then this is the post for you. These ingenious ways to add glitter to your wedding may give you some much-needed inspiration while you’re planning your wedding…and looking for a little sparkle.