How to Make Fabric Flower Bouquets

Whether you’re a crafty bride or you’re looking for an eco-friendly bouquet solution, fabric flower bouquets are just the ticket. They’re fairly easy to create and a lot of fun as well. Keep in mind that you’ll want to start these well in advance, as they can take a while to complete. You can create just your own bridal bouquet or the bouquets for everyone.

Fabric Flower Bouquet

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 Yard Pieces of Fabric (organza, satin, tulle, etc.)
  • Needle and Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Beads or Rhinestones
  • ½ Ball Floral Foam 6”
  • 8” Dowel
  • Coordinating Ribbon

How to Create Them:

There are tons of fabric tutorials out there, so if you want to make a variety of different kinds, a simple Google search will do the trick. For a simple and beautiful version, cut circles from your fabric. You can do all one color and fabric or a variety. You’ll want about 6-7 circles, starting at about 3” across for the largest and getting smaller, down to 1” across.

Shabby Chic Fabric Flower Bouquet
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Stack the fabric circles with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top. Next, use your needle and thread to sew them together, just making a few stitches in the center of the circles. You can sew on beads in the center or glue on rhinestones to create a center. Now, using a candle or lighter, very carefully hold the edges of the petals to the heat. This will create patterns that resemble petals while heat-sealing the edges of the petals.

Fabric Flower Bouquet
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Once you have all of your flowers created, glue them to the top side of the fabric floral foam. Next, insert the dowel into the bottom of the foam about 2 inches. Remove it and apply glue before reinserting it. The dowel can be finished with ribbon to hide the wood. That’s it – you’ve created a beautiful bouquet that is eco-friendly and handmade!

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