As Snowflakes Fell

Snowflakes fell gently to the ground as Amber and Dustin took their vows inside a rustic-embracing venue. The fairy-lights all over the place reflected beautifully against the bridesmaids’ long magenta dresses and the groomsmen’s gallant suits. And dear me, I fell in love with Amber’s brooch bouquet that she and her mom made.

Love In The Loft

In a cold winter morning was Allison and Adam’s most cherished moment. Their wedding took place in a classic designed loft embellished with personalized vintage stuff from an antique shop owned by Allison’s aunt. Include the deep red rose bridal bouquet to the picture, their desired old Hollywood feels wedding was realized at its finest. And take note, they had brunch for their wedding reception which is a remarkable and unique choice for soirees. Ahh, so laid- back, so classic! Congratulations Ally and Adam!