Five Easy Ways to Add a Chic Touch to Your Wedding Ensemble

Looking to add a super chic, finishing touch to your wedding ensemble? Here are five easy ways to enhance your bridal day look and show off your inner fashionista.

Not every bride is a natural fashionista, but there are five easy ways to add a chic touch to a wedding ensemble and any bride-to-be can benefit from trying at least one of them. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to look stunning on your special day. That is the beauty of creating an elegant look—elegance is all about simplicity.

Here are five easy ways to add a chic touch to your wedding ensemble and what they can do for your bridal look:

Wear a brooch—Brooches are the epitome of elegance and vintage style. Whether you’re wearing a sleek, modern gown or dressing to the nines in a classic, retro style, an Art Deco brooch can instantly enhance your entire wedding ensemble. It makes a chic statement all on its own.

Select one accessory—To create a chic, elegant wedding look, consider wearing only one major accessory. Whether it’s a piece of hair art, a pearl necklace, or a pair of stunning chandelier earrings, select one accessory and stick with it. This will keep you from overwhelming your outfit and will keep your ensemble sophisticated and understated.

Wear a pair of killer heels—Heels do wonders for your legs and your posture, not to mention they make you feel super sexy. Even if you’re not a fan of wearing uncomfortable heels on your wedding day, consider investing in one high-quality pair for your special day. You’ll look chic and you’ll feel great, too.

Wear a shrug—If you’re having a formal wedding or are getting married during the colder months, wear a shrug or wrap to accentuate your gown and add a chic touch.

Opt for a birdcage veil—Similar to a vintage-style brooch, a classic birdcage veil can turn your entire look around. If you want to look chic and classy, you can’t go wrong with a simple birdcage veil. It can make a contemporary gown look clean and sleek, and it will bring out the beauty in a vintage dress design like no other veil can. This is another one of the five easy ways to add a chic touch to your wedding ensemble.


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