An Asian Wedding at Alberta

Joyce and Alan have known each other since University and after ten years of dating, they finally got married! The wedding was very dear and traditional and was lovely held at a Chinese Restaurant called the Golden Rice Bowl in Alberta. Read on as we feature the beautiful and exquisite pieces of the wedding brought to us by Daphne Chen Photography!

Opposites Do Attract

Although they came from very opposite backgrounds, the two were inseparable and had one of the best times of their lives when vacationing to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico on New Years Eve 2014.

Like The Florida Sunset

Dresses like the Florida sunset flew freely along the sea breeze and spring flowers bloom amid Charlotte and Austin’s short, sweet, yet intimate wedding ceremony. Outdoor-inspired, refined beach details were fixed along the venue giving off that natural feels, especially the sand dollars for table numbers painted with complete gentleness.

Colorful, Vivid Weddings Can be Elegant Instead of Tacky

One of the most well-known tips for planning a wedding is to keep the number of colors used for decor at a minimum so as to avoid appearing tacky. For this reason, most brides pick 2 wedding colors, 3 at most. However, when done correctly, numerous vivid colors can be elegant and stunning! Check out how some of these brides managed to pull it off.