When Artists Wed

Malissa is creative, bold, and caring while Eric is artistic, adventurous, and peaceful. As a couple, they are unstoppable, dynamic, unique, and fun. These two artists wanted to have a wedding that looked and felt like them. As the bride shares, the entire vision and execution of all decor was their common vision, down to the boarder of the wedding invitation being original art that they created together. You bet, this is the most artistic wedding we’ve ever seen. Congratulations, Malissa and Eric for pulling it off! May you as well pull of an incredible and amazing married life!

Lined Up With Mrs. Right

Today’s feature is a cool wedding popping with pastel colors! I love how upfront the bride is! McKenzie wasn’t afraid to try on what she had mind for her big day. And, needless to say, everything looked awesome! Congratulations to you both! What a great day of joy when two hearts and lives are united, when two separate people become one family. May you be blessed as your family grows and may your love endure to the end of time!

Colorful, Vivid Weddings Can be Elegant Instead of Tacky

One of the most well-known tips for planning a wedding is to keep the number of colors used for decor at a minimum so as to avoid appearing tacky. For this reason, most brides pick 2 wedding colors, 3 at most. However, when done correctly, numerous vivid colors can be elegant and stunning! Check out how some of these brides managed to pull it off.

The Elegance In DIY

Contemplating between having an elegant or DIY wedding? Why not both? Heather and Nicholas made this possible. From the paper flowers scattered through the venue down to the cotton candy station – it was amazing.

Casual, Rustic, and Elegant

Yep, that title is so full of contradictions it almost didn’t make sense. But once you browse through the album, you’ll totally understand what I meant. Because one amazing thing about this wedding is that even though our bride only had a casual and rustic event in mind, they achieved these goals plus an elegant style too. It’s probably because all the details, decors, colors, ensembles, and the location came together so well that they ended up with such an awesome looking day. Congratulations Katie & Clark!