Comfort in Style

I totally love this wedding because its details were DIY and a little bit rustic, but the elegance is still present throughout the day. Weddings like that make things more comfortable but without sacrificing style and glamour. I specially loved their cake in sky blue ombre, it so refreshing to look at. Another thing worth mentioning is our couple’s and their entourage’s stylish ensembles. The gray and blue matched nicely for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Then our bride wore a beautiful strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline – she looked so glowing. Anyway, congratulations on your wedding day, Danielle & Parker!

Outdoor Elegance in Purple

We’re such a sucker for awesome decorations that looks elegant but doesn’t look like it burned a hole through your wallet. So needless to say, we really enjoyed this album. The details this wedding had looked so lovely and the different shades of purple they used made it look more elegant. I really love that wall detail used to backdrop the pastries, such an eye candy. Anyway, congratulations on your wedding day, Alice & Matt!

Grandiose Beauty

We’re used to weddings having a simple ceremony portion but full-scale when it comes to the reception. So when we saw Britney and Josh’s wedding where not only was the reception amazing, but the ceremony part was too – thanks to the grandiose feel the church had – we immediately fell in love with it. And it didn’t stop there, just like we said that their ceremony was elegant, it was filled with lovely details and decors. This couple really knows how to put style in their special day. Congratulations Britney and Josh!

Elegance in Tradition

A beautiful elegant wedding filled with pops of colors. I really love the use of yellow and blue in this album, it made the day look more vibrant and fun. The blue also created some awesome looking table setting – very boho chic if you ask me. And apparently, this wedding is reminiscent of our couple’s personality – then if that’s the case then these two are just plain awesome. Congratulations on your wedding day Allison & Chris