The Old School Bride

Our bride, who chose to wear a vintage ensemble for her wedding day, looked so amazing! Yes, what she’s wearing might be a bit unconventional in our eyes but it was beautiful in all it’s antiquities nevertheless – from the veil, the color, and the sleeves. Also, the warmth of the red color palette was perfect for this winter event. It truly looked like a day for celebration. Congratulations are in order for the beautiful couple Michelle & Spencer!


Event Planner

What is the overall story for this album?

Vintage Wedding in Tuscany. 1920 dress of the grandmother of the bride and all the charm of a Christmas sunny and cold day in the Tuscan countryside. the Catholic Church where it was solemnized was built before they year 1000 (AD)

What inspired the wedding day outfits?

Vintage 1920 dresses and details. all original back then

What was your favorite part of the day?

The couple holding hands in the church and their smile by the Christmas tree

What were the highlights from the ceremony & reception?

The ceremony was solemnized in a Romanic Church in the Tuscan country side. The church is dated back to before the year 1000 and the charm of Tuscany was all there. Even the decorations were red and green like the typical Christmas Decorations. This was a very small event so the couples wanted to keep it as similar as possible to a Christmas Dinner and leveraged the Christmas Tree decoration in the luxury villa they rented. Table decorations were minimal as the atmosphere was made by the Christmas tree behind, the spirituality of the Sacrament and Tuscany

Was there a theme for the ceremony and reception?

Vintage Winter in Red

What part of the ceremonies do you think was the most memorable for the bride and groom?

The Ceremony at this very antique church



Photographer:  Rosapaola Lucibelli Photography
Shoes: Camper
Floral Designer: Efffetti Wedding Planner in Tuscany
Other Location: Minty Keen
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Paul Smith
Jewelry: Sarah Perlis
Other Location: Yves Saint Laurent
Event Planner: Efffetti Wedding Planner in Tuscany
Caterer: Villa Lestra
Event Venue: Villa Lestra

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