Homey And Stylish

Couples nowadays tend to be more contemporary when it comes to wedding themes. Just like Greg and Megan, rustic and elegance have been the two most common style combinations I have seen on most features lately. Why might you ask? Maybe because the idea of something homey mixed with gracefulness. Comfort with style at that.

The Modesty In Rustic And Chic

Everything was rustic and chic at Evan and Taylor’s wedding. The venue was already stunning and adding pale and neutral colors gave it more romance. The rustic and elegant vibe that came out from this combination is truly inspiring. It makes you want to swoon and feel elated. Taylor’s wedding dress was playful and modest at the same time — two things combined that only some can pull off.

A Dream Wedding

This wedding is every little girl’s dream. Filled with pinks and whites, adorable details and decors, and a bar for candies – who could ask for something better? But really, there’s a lot of things that made me fall in love with this album and it’ll take me paragraphs to enumerate them all. Let’s just put it this way, this wedding is sweet, cute, and everything nice. Congratulations on your amazing wedding, Nicole & Matt

Rustic Wedding in Blue

This beautiful rustic wedding in blue is just filled with details that we’re sure you’ll love. Our bride wore a beautiful gown with lace sleeves that were absolutely stunning on her. Her bridesmaids wore blue cocktail dresses with matching bouquets that were unique to each one. The ceremony was held in the sunny outdoors where the altar was adorned by a pretty arch made with twigs and flowers. The rest of the details, such as the wedding cake, the tables, the popcorn bar (yes, a POPCORN bar), are all noteworthy because of its rustic but lovely appearances. Congratulations Katie & Wesley!