Rustic Wedding in Coral and Orange

Coral and orange is a bit unheard of when it comes to rustic weddings because usually this type of wedding makes use of subtle colors or at least, those that resemble nature (brown, yellow, green). So it’s a cool deviation to see these stand out colors in Rachel & Jeff’s rustic wedding. For me, this palette really made some details pop out nicely in photos. And the fact that it looks tropical to me – because they’re the color of some known tropical fruits – made me feel refreshed and warm. Congratulations Rachel & Jeff!

Fairy Tale at the Villa

Such a lovely bride. Although we aren’t provided with that much details about this wedding, our bride is enough to give us a hint that this event was lovely. The venue was amazing as well and it has so much character that the portraits stood out and gave this wedding dimensions. Congratulations Chrissy & Danial!

Chic Wedding in a Refurbished Train Station

It’s an understatement to say that I’m in love with this wedding. There’s just so many things to swoon over! I love the bride’s lacy gown. It was very intricate on the top part but it flared out to a simple skirt part. The pink taupe bridesmaid’s dresses was lovely as well. Although it had different styles, they all looked liked something Greek goddesses would wear. The decorative details were pretty too – the invitations, the table assignment board, the table settings, etc. And if you needed one more reason to seal the deal on loving this wedding, they held this very special day in an old but refurbished train station. Talk about unique. Congratulations Lauren and David!

Trash the Dress – Autumn Leaves

We’re so used to “trash the dress” features done by bodies of water that having a different variety like this is a nice change. Looking at this album made me think of the word “ethereal”. Maybe it’s the orange and yellow of the leaves, the bride’s outfit matched by the pretty headpiece, or maybe it’s just the way this couple lovingly looks at each other. Whatever the reason is, it made the photos look more alive and (as I’ve said earlier) ethereal. Such a beautiful couple. Late congratulations Kaitlyn and Justin!