Trash the Dress – Autumn Leaves


We’re so used to “trash the dress” features done by bodies of water that having a different variety like this is a nice change. Looking at this album made me think of the word “ethereal“. Maybe it’s the orange and yellow of the leaves, the bride’s outfit matched by the pretty headpiece, or maybe it’s just the way this couple lovingly looks at each other. Whatever the reason is, it made the photos look more alive and (as I’ve said earlier) ethereal. Such a beautiful couple. Late congratulations Kaitlyn and Justin!

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Kaitlyn and Justin are childhood sweethearts who married on the 4th anniversary of their first date, in the same town they had their date! Neighbors at first, they went through all of their high school and college years with other significant others, but when they finally got together, it was an unmistakable connection. Kaitlyn kept the menu from the diner they went to on their first date and she kept it in a scrap book along with other mementos she collected throughout their four-year relationship. Kaitlyn and Justin are by far the most gorgeous people I’ve ever met, both inside and out. They are gracious, kind, and humble. As their photographer, I let out a shriek of excitement each time I released the shutter.


Photographer:  CW Photography by Marie

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