Graceful And Fancy On Winter

Nothing could be more romantic than a wedding ceremony during the winter months. The falling temperature didn’t stop Jacqueline and Darrell from tying the knot in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Their love, rather, gave warmth to the day as the couple celebrated such a wonderful moment in their lives. It was a rain of red, purple and gold that bring together every amusing detail during the wedding. Well, who knows you might want to have such kind of wedding somebody so read on! Shots from Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers are fun worth seeing for. Hooray!

Beauty in the Ordinary

At the empty room in the basement of the inn was where Claire and Chris’ wonderful tale of forever begun. Lovely portraits of their great love for each other were taken and everything remains so beautiful in all parts of their wedding. The integration of simplicity and elegance was very ideal and everything turned out to be so perfect! Take a peek guys for all the lovely shots by the one and only Brooke Ellen Photography. Smile!

Romantically Married

Mr. and Mrs. Santavy’s wedding was truly unique and amazing. It was an experience of a beautiful history that you will forever cherish if you are there. The atmosphere of love with a Catholic ceremony at Our Lady of Grace in Greensburg up to the reception at DiSalvo’s Station Restaurant really fascinated everyone. To Jennifer and Jonathan, cheers on the road to forever! Readers, share your smiles to the couple as you scroll down for more of Jen and Jon’s wedding details by Melanie Grady Photography. Yey!