Mission Accomplised At The Ritz Charles

Colleen ♥ Eduardo

Colleen and Eddie grew up living in the same area and had mutual friends most their lives but didn’t meet until a few years ago in Colorado. Eddie is from Mexico and Colleen is half Hispanic. They are such a well liked couple and had a big wedding party. Surely there was not any dull face on the day they united as one. Congratulations, Colleen and Eduardo! May God bring you joy, harmony, happiness and love now and always!


How It All Began

From the bride:

Who would have thought a future nun would have brought the both of us together? Christine, a former missionary with Colleen, worked at Catholic Charities and wanted to introduce the both of us. While we both work for Catholic Charities now, at the time, only Eddie was an employee back on that July day. A casual “run-in,” in the halls of both our current place of employment, has landed us a lifetime of memories. Call it a nun’s intuition, call it a woman investing in the Vocation of her beloved friends; one thing is for certain — some Mexican food, awkward first impressions, and a common love for Christ has brought us both together.

The Happily Ever After

Extra Special Wedding Details

♥ We had a candy bar that my mom surprised me with.

♥ We had a photo booth and a scrapbook at the end of the photo booth so people could put their pictures in them and sign it. This was a substitute for a guest book!

♥ We had plenty of up lighting so the place was completely transformed after the sit-down dinner for the dancing.

The Bride’s Advice

♥ Keep your mind set on the most important part- spending the rest of your life work someone you love!

♥ The day of, go with the flow and enjoy every second!

♥ Don’t stress about the details and always remember it is about the two of you. The day of the wedding, take in every moment and just know that all the planning lead up to that day and it will all go according. — Colleen


Photographer: The Grays Photography
Reception Venue: Ritz Charles

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