5 Unusual but Elegant Wedding Cakes

If you’ve seen one wedding cake, you’ve seen them all, right? While each bride can find her own “dream cake,” it’s true that unless a wedding cake is really well done, it’s not going to stand out as something spectacular. For this reason, many brides try to go with a cake that’s a little more unusual and unique. We’ve gathered up our favorite unusual wedding cakes that are unbelievably elegant; hopefully you can find some inspiration in these cakes for your own wedding day!

Elegant Cake Stands – The Beauty Shouldn’t Stop at the Fondant

While a lot of emphasis is placed on the cake and what it should look and taste like, the beauty shouldn’t stop there. An amazing cake can be dulled by the wrong cake stand, while the perfect one can look absolutely stunning. Check out some of the most elegant and beautiful cake stands we’ve seen, along with tips for using them.