Love With No Limits

Serina and Will

A day that’s filled with all the glitz and glamour is the way to describe the wedding of this stunning couple, Serina and Will. The couple may have the best of both worlds yet their wedding became even more glorious as God’s presence overshadowed everything. The love that they share is truly one that’s without limits! Congratulations Serina and Will!

Extra Special Details

❤ The bride had masks of the groom for her entire wedding party.

❤ The groom did an epic garter dance emulating the Magic Mike 2 strip tease hot chocolate dance to the song Pony by Ginuwine.

❤ When the minister said to the groom, “You may kiss your bride”, he reaches into his pocket and takes out 8 yr. old bubble yum flavored Chapstick that the bride gave him when they were dating. Bride asks him very nervously, “What are you doing?”, he replies with, “Gotta get my lips right!”. Such a goofy yet romantic moment!

❤ They blew up photos of the groom’s face and attached it to popsicle sticks and used them as photo props throughout the day.

❤ The bride hand crafted their wedding favors by purchasing small bottles of Verdi wine and decorating them with a LOVE card that included their names, wedding date and straw.

Photographer’s Advice

Know who you are hiring to capture your memories

Do Your Due Diligence and Research Everyone’s Reviews

Do Trial Runs on Cake , Hair , Makeup, Dress Fittings , Photography

Money Matters

$20,000 – $45,000


Photographer:  Our Day Wedding Photography

Bakery: CakeDimensions Orlando

Transportation: Elegant Limousines

Cinema and Video:

Cinema and Video: James Shuler Photography and Videography

Event Venue: The Casements

Floral Designer: Rachel Kasie Design

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