Graceful And Fancy On Winter

Nothing could be more romantic than a wedding ceremony during the winter months. The falling temperature didn’t stop Jacqueline and Darrell from tying the knot in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Their love, rather, gave warmth to the day as the couple celebrated such a wonderful moment in their lives. It was a rain of red, purple and gold that bring together every amusing detail during the wedding. Well, who knows you might want to have such kind of wedding somebody so read on! Shots from Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers are fun worth seeing for. Hooray!

Winter Wonder Love

A year ago, Sean and Tracy tied the knot. Their wedding was truly a day they got to celebrate their love and share it with family and friends. Take a peek below as we bring to you their winter wonder love! We hope you like this as a post-anniversary gift, Sean and Tracy! Wishing you more great years together!

Holiday Cheer and Vows

Josh and I (Sarah) knew that we wanted to have a elegant, classic wedding in downtown Portland, OR and we found a church building that perfectly fit the occasion. Located in the heart of downtown, Portland First Baptist Church is a historic, grand castle of a church, with beautiful stained glass windows, and architecture that takes you back to the middle ages. Paired with our classic colors: Satin ivory wedding dress, deep plum floor length bridesmaids dresses, and the classic black, white and red on the tux, our January wedding embodied the holiday spirit very well. The day was an absolute dream, and it couldn’t have been better. We invested in one of the best photographers in Oregon, and Joshua Rainy Photography certainly delivered photos beyond our expectations! Please take a look and enjoy.