Holiday Cheer and Vows

Sarah ♥ Josh

From the bride:

Josh and I (Sarah) knew that we wanted to have a elegant, classic wedding in downtown Portland, OR and we found a church building that perfectly fit the occasion. Located in the heart of downtown, Portland First Baptist Church is a historic, grand castle of a church, with beautiful stained glass windows, and architecture that takes you back to the middle ages. Paired with our classic colors: Satin ivory wedding dress, deep plum floor length bridesmaids dresses, and the classic black, white and red on the tux, our January wedding embodied the holiday spirit very well. The day was an absolute dream, and it couldn’t have been better. We invested in one of the best photographers in Oregon, and Joshua Rainy Photography certainly delivered photos beyond our expectations! Please take a look and enjoy.

Extra Special Wedding Details

Intimate, romantic and faith-centered ceremony made this the highlight of the day for sure.

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Beautiful, castle like church in the heart of downtown.

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It was so incredible to be surrounded by the ones they love most on the most special day of their lives.


They went all out on a wintery January wedding.

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The decor embodied the pacific northwest with plenty of stringed lights, candles, woodblock
centerpieces, holly, a Christmas tree, red roses and the  colors black, white, red and plum.

Tips To Future Brides

♥ Do not procrastinate! Many others are planning a wedding at the same time you are and are probably looking into the same venues/items you are trying to get, so book quick and trust in the process, it will all come together!

♥ When you are feeling overwhelmed, know that it is just one day. Not to undermine the importance of your wedding day, but the most important fact is that you are marrying the love of your life, and people who are supporting you will come together to make this event special no matter the minor bumps in the road. — Sarah


Money Matters

Wedding Budget: $5,000 – $10,000


Photographer: Joshua Rainey Photography
Other Location: First Baptist Church of Portland

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