The Extra-bunch of Love and Fun at Columbus

A medical school was the building block of their love, it was where the magic began. As time went by of being together, Carol and Anthony decided to vow and pledge to be one in love with each other at the historic St. Christopher Catholic Church. The fun at The Boathouse at Confluence Park was perfectly cool and memorable shots were captured by Asteria Photography for us to look on! Take your time folks and enjoy!

Different Cultures, Same Love

Today, we give the spotlight on a wedding of two cultures — Arabia and Canada in one masterpiece. Obviously, this event came out big because of the multicultural traditions Jessica and Faz has grown up with. And eventually, both culture blended just right with each other.

Our Own Kind of Special

Our Own Kind of Special

How many couples can say they first met in a wrestling ring? How many couples can say they learned to Samba just a few weeks before the wedding? And blew away their guests with that performance? Not very many, I reckon. These are some of the things that make Gizzelle and Jeff’s relationship special. The same goes for your wedding – make it special, make it yours.