Why Do We Wear Engagement Rings

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Different couples have different ways of celebrating their engagement. Some share it in social media while others play it discreetly. But one thing that is usually common among all engaged couple is the presence of an engagement ring, whether bought affordably in a wholesale shop or extravagantly in a high-end jewelry shop.

For many generations, a marriage proposal has been traditionally made by presenting an engagement ring. An engagement ring marks the beginning of a life-long commitment. It symbolizes the promise of marriage and the vow to be each other’s partner for life.

Way, way back

The practice of wearing an engagement ring dates back to as early as the Ancient Egyptian period. Circles were believed to be the symbol of eternity which made rings the perfect representation of everlasting companionship. In Ancient Egypt, men displayed their wealth through wearing rings and so, sharing a ring to a woman implied joint possession of riches. It could signal the beginning of a shared life.

A reassuring gesture

It’s been said that during the 2nd century B.C., the Romans started the practice of giving betrothal rings instead of giving cash or other valuables to the future bride and her parents. The bride-to-be was supposedly given one of very special gold rings to wear in public and another ring, made of iron, which she wore at home while doing her chores, signifying a binding legal agreement. Furthermore, a law called “Breach of Promise to Marry”, wherein a woman could sue a man if he had proposed to her and left her before marriage, was created in the early 1900s.

Today, engagement rings have gone a long way from gold and iron to different metals depending on your beloved’s personality. It has also evolved from just being a symbol of ownership or monetary insurance, to becoming a token of love and commitment. A man “puts a ring on it” to express his readiness to settle down with only one woman for the rest of his life.

Waiting period

In 13th century Rome, Pope Innocent III declared a mandatory waiting period between betrothal and marriage. With this, Christians started adopting such tradition which many of us follow to this day. Upon giving and accepting of the engagement ring, couples take some time to prepare for the wedding itself. Some opt for long engagements which can take years, with the intention of pledging a marriage in the future without rushing things. During this time, the woman can proudly wear the ring to indicate that she is already taken and set to be wed.

Best accessory

Sporting an engagement ring can mean a lot to many. It means acceptance to the person who offered it, and likewise an endearing affirmation to the one who accepted it. Plus, you must admit, it’s also a great accessory! A well-chosen engagement ring must speak of the personality of the person wearing it. These rings are designed to be elegant and classy, which will go well with just about any outfit!


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