Who Should the Bride Buy Wedding Gifts for?

This might sound like a backward question, but it is considered polite, proper wedding etiquette for the bride to buy wedding gifts for some parties involved in the event. Here is a quick rundown of who should receive a gift from the bride and why.

Who should the bride buy wedding gifts for? Should the bride even buy gifts for anyone at all? These are common questions new brides have as they make their way through the planning process. Although the wedding is very much focused on gifting the bride and the groom, there are other factors that come into play when giving gifts amongst wedding guests and bridal attendants.

If you are a bride-to-be, here are some people you should plan on gifting on or before your wedding day:

The guests—There’s no need to panic. When we talk about gifting your guests, we simply mean providing small, inexpensive wedding favors at each place setting. This is customary and very affordable, especially if you consider buying your favors in bulk. Buying wedding favors for your guests is a way to thank them for their attendance and to express your bridal personality. It’s also an easy way to enhance your reception decor.

Your bridal party—Whether you get your maid of honor and bridesmaids all the same gift is up to you, but either way, you and your husband-to-be should gift your bridal party in some way. Many brides choose to gift their bridesmaids with personalized jewelry, and grooms often give their groomsmen items like flasks, pocket watches, or tickets to a ball game.

Your soon-to-be partner—While this is by no means a necessity, it is a common tradition to gift your soon-to-be partner with a small present, even if it is a card and flowers or a box of gourmet chocolates. Ideally, you should try and give them something personalized or very sentimental to signify the beginning of your new lives together.

As a bride, you should buy wedding gifts for everyone mentioned above, but there is no need to choose extravagant items or to break your wedding budget.

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