Wedding Trends that are Here to Stay

Some wedding trends come and go, but some are here to stay. Find out which wedding trends withstand the test of time and whether or not they’ll work for your special day.

The wedding industry is in many ways like the fashion industry, with some wedding trends that come and go and others fizzling out within a year or two. From clothing and hairstyles to decor and honeymoon choices, popular trends take the wedding world by storm and either stick around for the long haul or lose popularity within a few short years.

If you are at all a trendsetter or you simply appreciate fun, fresh ideas, you might be interested to know which wedding trends have transcended the “now” sensation to become timeless, classic staples in the wedding industry. Here are some wedding trends that are here to stay:

Birdcage veils. You’ll see this trend come and go in waves, popping up in film and at celebrity weddings here and there, but overall, birdcage veils never really left. They are here to stay and they are very effective when it comes to enhancing a bride’s ensemble. Whether you’re having a contemporary wedding or sporting a retro look, a birdcage veil instantly adds a touch of elegance, sophistication, and vintage glamour to your look.

Family-Style Receptions. This wedding trend had risen in popularity in recent years, but it’s been a classic wedding trend for some time now, extending to a myriad of different cultures and wedding types around the world. Family-style seating at receptions, such as seating that is designed to seat everyone across from one another or at intimate, round tables, is a popular way to create a warm, friendly environment amongst guests on the wedding day.

Pearl accessories. Even the chicest, most fashion-forward bride can find ways to incorporate classic pearls into her wedding ensemble. Pearl accessories are wedding trends that are here to stay, and they can be used with everything from your cake and floral arrangements to your hair accessories and shoes.

If you’re a bride-to-be and want to use timeless elements for your bridal ensemble and wedding decor, these wedding trends will never go out of style.

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