Wedding Reception Style Must-Haves

To put together a truly exceptional wedding reception, you’ll need some wedding reception style must-haves. The right style accents can completely transform the look of your event and make it memorable for your guests long after the party is over.

Wedding reception style must-haves are style accents that have the power to transform the look of your reception and bring it from drab to fab. Failure to use certain style accents for your reception decor can leave your event lacking. No matter how large or small your wedding, appealing decor is a must if you want it to be memorable and to look great in your photos.

The following decor accents are wedding reception style must-haves:

Appealing wedding favors—Wedding favors are small details, but they pack a lot of punch when it comes to reception table style. Be sure to choose stylish favors that enhance your decor theme and color scheme, and present them next to your table place settings to achieve the full effect. Your guests will notice them the minute they sit down upon their arrival.

Complementary linens—Whether you’re using natural, vintage-looking picnic tables or formal round tables fit for a queen, complementary linens are a must. You don’t have to choose tablecloths that cover the entire table if you don’t want to. The important thing is to select layered or textured linens that complement your decor colors and that enhance the theme.

Well-placed floral arrangements—Floral arrangements that are strategically placed are also wedding reception style must-haves. In fact, they can alter the entire look of the room if placed just right. Work with your coordinator to explore the shape and layout of the reception space to find out which positions work best for your floral arrangements. Consider bringing in additional foliage to add a warmer, lush feel to the room. This especially helps if you’re having an evening reception or using an Old World, romantic theme of some sort.

All of these style aspects are party decorations that are essentials for any wedding reception. Utilize these wedding reception style must-haves to make the look and feel of your reception really stand out.

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