Wedding Decor Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding theme and selecting your decor choices, familiarize yourself with these wedding decor faux pas to ensure your ceremony and reception venues look their best.

There are tons of wedding decor faux pas that couples overlook when planning out their decor choices and selecting their wedding themes. Many wedding decor faux pas can be avoided by enlisting the help of a professional wedding coordinator. A coordinator can work directly with the vendors designing your wedding to achieve the look and vision you’re after, and they might be able to make suggestions or provide resources that you would not have discovered on your own.

Bohemian Wedding Decor
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While you can’t prevent all decor faux pas, you can at least familiarize yourself with some of them beforehand to ensure your ceremony and reception venues look fabulous on your big day. Whether you work with a wedding designer or not, keep the following wedding decor faux pas in mind:

Inconsistent themes or color schemes—This is a big no-no. If you select a certain theme, it is best to stick with that theme and carry it consistently throughout your event, from the ceremony decor to the reception decor. The same goes for the colors you choose to work with. Using different themes and colors will imbalance the look and feel of your wedding and will likely make it appear sloppy.

Vintage Wedding Decor
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Too much or too little foliage—Not everyone chooses to have floral centerpieces or arrangements at the ceremony and reception. Many couples opt for modern, non-floral centerpiece ideas with contemporary flair. Pillar candles, fruit bowls, and abstract art sculptures are among some of the more popular non-floral decor ideas. However, if you plan on using floral arrangements, don’t fall victim to the common floral wedding decor faux pas—using too many flowers or not enough flowers. Flowers are expensive. If budget is an issue, find a way to use smaller arrangements instead of being skimpy.

Floral Wedding Decor
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Simple Wedding Decor

Passing on the wedding favors—No, there isn’t a rule that dictates you have to use wedding favors at your reception, but passing them up causes you to miss out on the opportunity to use favors to your advantage. They work very well as extra decorative accents and can really enhance your reception’s ambience.

Rustic Wedding Decor
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To avoid all wedding decor faux pas and to put together a look that is appealing, remember that balance is key!

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