Wedding Day Ensemble Quick Fixes

No matter how prepared you are to sport a flawless wedding day ensemble, chances are you’ll experience at least one minor hiccup with your wardrobe or style. Here are some wedding day ensemble quick fixes for problems on the go!

Every bride needs to know a few wedding day ensemble quick fixes. Let’s face it—not everything always goes according to plan. That’s life, right? All of those tips you’ve heard over the years about carrying clear nail polish and drinking plenty of water on your wedding day didn’t originate from nowhere. There are some wedding day ensemble quick fixes that have been around for centuries and they still ring true today.

To catch those wedding day wardrobe malfunctions and last-minute problems that sneak up before they get worse, use the following wedding day ensemble quick fixes:

On-hand compact for runny mascara—Chances are you’ll be wearing waterproof mascara, but even some of the best mascaras can turn runny after tears are shed or sweat and oils interfere. Keep a powder compact on hand to cover up any black marks and smear the smudges away.

Fixes for bustle trouble—Not many wedding gowns come with detachable trains nowadays, but if you have enough time to have your dress customized, this is a viable option to avoid bustle trouble on your big day. Bustle attachments can break or end up dragging your train across the floor, and the last thing you want is to lug all that material around and risk damaging your gown. You can also have safety pins on hand to tackle any bustle trouble. Be sure to stock up on the large, heavy-duty pins and keep them with you at the reception. And yes, they do have white safety pins!

Fixes for gown snags—If you’re wearing a gown with very delicate lacing or material that easily snags, first avoid any chunky bracelets or ring accessories. Keep a small sewing kit on hand in case a snag occurs. Use a small pair of sewing scissors or tweezers to gently unhook and loosen the snag. Whatever you do, don’t rip it because you’re in a rush, or you’ll wind up with an even worse snag.

Use these wedding day ensemble quick fixes to tackle any inconvenient wardrobe or style problems on your big day.

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