Wedding Cake Tasting Tips for the Bride and Groom

Are you a bit overwhelmed with the wedding cake decision? Here are some wedding cake tasting tips every bride and groom should know before making their selection.

Out of all of the wedding planning tasks that need to be handled for the big day, wedding cake tasting might seem like a smaller detail in the grand scheme of things. While selecting the cake is certainly easier than nailing down a venue location or finding your dream dress, the process of wedding cake tasting and selecting the perfect cake can be pretty daunting. Not only do both the bride and the groom need to agree on flavor, consistency, and design, but the reception decor and color schemes also have to be taken into consideration. The cake plays a big role in the overall appearance of the the reception.

If you’re struggling with the wedding cake decision or you need some help choosing the right cake, keep the following wedding cake testing tips in mind:

Plan ahead—Just as it’s a good idea to collect pictures of dresses you like before you go wedding gown shopping, it’s also smart to make a list of flavors you and the groom like and to collect pictures of wedding cake designs you like, either on-line or from bridal magazines. Doing this will help you narrow down your options and will make the tasting process smoother because your baker will know which flavors to prepare for the tasting.

Bring a friend—Many brides and grooms opt to attend a wedding cake tasting with an additional friend or family member. It doesn’t hurt to bring the best man or maid of honor along for the tasting to obtain a third opinion. Just be sure to alert the caterer or baker beforehand so they are aware you’re bringing an additional taster.

Consider combinations—As you taste the different cake options, be sure to make notes of flavor combinations you prefer, and don’t be afraid to try unconventional flavor combos during the actual tasting. You never know what you might like. Also, be sure to ask the baker what current cake design and flavor trends he or she recommends. This can help give you some inspiration while choosing your cake and can open you up to cake options that you might not have considered.

These wedding cake tasting tips can help every bride and groom have a smoother tasting experience.

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