Wedding Cake Alternatives for Your Special Day

Aren’t crazy about traditional wedding cakes? If you want to serve a delicious dessert at your reception but you want something modern and unique instead of the traditional wedding cake option, here are some wedding cake alternatives for your special day.

As wedding trends continue to evolve, more and more wedding cake alternatives are created for couples who want to serve a less traditional dessert to their wedding guests. Considering wedding cake alternatives for your special day is a fun idea if you want to switch up the look and feel of your reception, want to enhance a certain decorative element, or simply make a fashion statement.

Additionally, certain wedding cake alternatives can reflect your personality and beliefs. For example, many couples opt for wedding cake alternatives because they want to serve something organic, healthy, or because they want to go green. Also, many couples want to bypass wedding cake because they are vegan or vegetarian and do not want to serve anything with egg or milk ingredients.

The reasons for choosing wedding cake alternatives are endless, but whatever the reason you choose an alternative, you need ideas that will be equally decorative and delicious. Here are some wedding cake alternatives to consider for your special day:

Bon bon trays—If you’d prefer to do something creative, serve a bon bon tray in place of a wedding cake. Many bakeries and caterers can assemble a variety of bon bon treats to look like a cake or any design you have in mind. The sweets can be served on tier trays or in glamorous gift boxes with your guests’ place settings.

Donuts or cupcakes—Another fun idea for a wedding cake alternative is to use other sweets, such as donuts or miniature cupcakes, by serving them on serving tiers or assembling them into other fun shapes.

Ice cream or yogurt bars—In place of a cake cutting ceremony, you can set up an ice cream table or bar and serve your guests elaborate ice cream or yogurt treats. You can also set up the table buffet style and have them serve themselves.

Vegan cakes—If you’re vegan or vegetarian, there is such a thing as a vegan wedding cake. Enlist the help of a specialty baker who is familiar with vegan wedding cake alternatives. They will be able to bake something that suits your needs and help you come up with a creative, less traditional way to serve your dessert.

Consult your wedding coordinator and caterer about any of these wedding cake alternatives for your special day!

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