Wedding Bouquet 101: Which Bouquet Style is Right for You?

Looking for wedding bouquet ideas? Not sure where to begin? Here is a little wedding bouquet 101 and some tips for choosing the right style for you and your big day.

Just like shopping for wedding gowns, choosing the right wedding bouquet style can require a little wedding bouquet 101 education before you make a decision. Similar to many other wedding elements you have to plan, choosing the right wedding bouquet can be tricky and even overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with the different styles and uses.

If you’re wondering why choosing a certain wedding bouquet style is so important in the first place, keep in mind that the shape, size, and style of your wedding bouquet (as well as the bouquet style you choose for your bridesmaids) has the ability to alter the look of your ceremony and your bridal ensemble, too.

Here are some basic wedding bouquet types and the pros and cons of each:

Round or “Posey”—The round bouquet, also known as a Posey bouquet, is one of the most popular wedding bouquet types. This is because it’s very versatile and looks great with just about any gown style, no matter how the bride is proportioned. It’s stylish and classic, with a chic look that makes it ideal for either a vintage-style wedding or a modern wedding. While this style is very versatile, it doesn’t conceal much. Keep this in mind if you have wide hips or a pear shape and would like to conceal a bit in your midsection.

Cascade—A cascade bouquet is another classic wedding bouquet style. It tends to be very flattering for tall brides or for petite brides who wish to elongate their frame. A cascade-style bouquet flows downward into a teardrop shape and is one of the most formal bouquet styles. If you are having a large, elegant wedding or a lavish outdoor wedding, this style is ideal.

Flower Hoop—A flower hoop bouquet, also known as a wreath style, is just as full and sophisticated as a cascade style, only it is a bit less formal looking. It is a loose-tied arrangement that exposes the stems of the flowers, making it ideal for an outdoor or vintage-style wedding. The size is variable, so it’s versatile for many different body types and wedding styles. Consider this style when determining which bouquet style is right for you.

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