Top Wedding Reception Decor Faux Pas to Avoid

Decorating your wedding reception is a part of the fun of the planning process, but it can prove to be a challenging task, even with help from a professional wedding coordinator. During all the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to make mistakes as well. Here are some top wedding reception decor faux pas and how to avoid them.

Whether you’re working with a full-service wedding coordinator or decorating your wedding reception yourself, there are some top wedding reception decor faux pas to avoid. Some of these faux pas can clash with the overall look of your reception, and some can downright ruin the entire theme if you’re not careful.

Avoid the following top wedding reception decor faux pas with these tips:

Not enough foliage—Even if you’re having a modern reception and plan on using non-floral, abstract centerpieces and table accents, it’s important to include at least some foliage around the reception area. Whether you use potted plants in the corners of the rooms or add some greenery to the chandelier or candelabra holders, add some foliage to give the area a warm, inviting ambience.

Busy tables—No matter how large or small, your reception tables shouldn’t be too busy. Avoid having too much clutter around your place settings and your centerpieces. While you need to make room to accommodate essentials like linens, favors, dinnerware, and your centerpieces, placing items that are too big or clunky on your too-small tables will throw everything off balance. The key is to keep everything in proportion so you’re not bogging down any elbow room. You don’t want guests bumping into things and knocking things over when they are trying to eat.

Clashing colors—While experimenting with colors and trying the latest trends in wedding reception decor is fun and encouraged, choosing color schemes that clash and cause an eyesore at the reception isn’t such a good idea. Talk to your wedding coordinator about complementary color palettes for your decor theme and choose them accordingly. Stay away from tones that do not enhance one another and don’t use too many colors or the look will be too overwhelming. This is one of the top wedding reception decor faux pas to avoid.

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