Tips for Resolving Your Guest List Dilemmas

Arguing over the guest list? Afraid of offending someone? Can’t afford all the guests you want to invite to your wedding? Too many guests for your venue? These tips will help you handle a myriad of guest list dilemmas. 

Resolving your guest list dilemmas can be pretty overwhelming. Plenty of arguments have sprouted from this early wedding planning element. Couples have a hard time agreeing on who should go and who shouldn’t. Both the bride and groom struggle with the process of narrowing down their guest lists to fit the wedding budget and venue accommodations. Worries of offending people by not inviting them start to surface. Yes, the guest list dilemma is one of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning, but there are some tips that can make resolving your guest list dilemmas just a little easier.

Start with Your Dream List

The first step to resolving your guest list dilemmas is to start with your dream list. Bride and groom should make their own lists for this phase. Don’t worry about your venue accommodations. Don’t worry about your budget. Just make a list of every single person you would like to see at your wedding.

Trimming the Fat

The next step in resolving your wedding guest list dilemmas will be a little more difficult because it’s time to come back down to earth. Start by singling out the very most important people on your list – the people that your wedding wouldn’t be complete without. This is your A-list. Set this list of people aside. Now, start to look at the other guests on your list. Consider why they are important. Have you talked to them in the last six months? Do you talk to them regularly? If not, consider removing them from your list. Now look at who is remaining and write this list out. These are your B-list guests.

Bringing it Together

Bride and groom now need to take their A-list guests and combine them. How many guests do the two of you have between each other? Will your budget and venue accommodate all of them? If so, then you have completed your first round of guests. Send out wedding invitations to these guests early and obtain an RSVP from all attending guests. If you have room for more later, then great! Then it’s time to invite those on the B-list. If not, know that the people most important to you will be in attendance and you have successfully completed the task of resolving your guest list dilemmas.


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