Tips for Creating Your Wedding Website

If you’ve never heard of a wedding website, it’s about time you did. Convenient for both you and your guests, they are one of the biggest trends in weddings today. Find out how to create your wedding website and learn what it needs to include.

Creating your wedding website may sound intimidating, especially if you’ve never set up a website or blog. But wedding websites are actually rather simple to make. Many of them are free and most of them are user friendly. So, whether you’ve never heard of wedding websites before or are just looking for information on creating your wedding website, we can help.

Why Wedding Websites are Trending

Wedding websites provide many benefits for being couples and guests alike. You can share pre-planning phases with your guests, keep them posted on updates on the wedding, and even provide them with honeymoon photos after the wedding is over. This saves you a tremendous amount of time. No more calling or writing each guest when things change suddenly. And guests are sure to appreciate the fact that they can visit your site at any time to find the information they want and need about your wedding. So what are you waiting for? Start creating your wedding website today!

Steps for Creating Your Wedding Website

The first step to creating your wedding website is choosing a vendor. Many on-line sites for brides now offer free wedding websites, but they are all a little different. Try to find one that looks user friendly, but don’t opt for one that seems too simple because the features may be limited. If all else fails, choose one from your favorite wedding resource site.

Once you have selected your wedding website vendor, it’s time to input the information. You will need to create a user name, select a password, and provide an e-mail address. You should then type in your names and physical locations. You then need to select a theme. When first creating your wedding website, try not to focus too much on your theme just yet; you can always change it later.

Once you have selected your theme, it is time to start adding in all of the smaller details: location and date of the wedding, wedding attire, colors of your wedding, etc. You can add buttons by copying and pasting codes into your site. Most of the sections should be drag and drop, making creating your wedding website very user friendly.

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