Tips for Creating Funky Wedding Decor Accents

Even the most traditional wedding occasion can benefit from a few funky wedding decor accents. If you want to spice up the look of your ceremony and reception decor or simply want to bring a unique touch to your decor theme, check out these tips for creating funky wedding decor accents.

Feather funk—No, you don’t have to have a flapper wedding gown or have a 1930s style wedding to use feather wedding decor accents. You do, however, have to be a little bold. Whether you add feathers to your bouquets, centerpieces, or hair accessories, you’ll find that feathers can create a whole new tone for your wedding reception event. From bright, bold peacock feathers to soft, white feathers with splashes of pastel designs, using feathers to create funky wedding decor accents is a great way to draw attention to your reception decor theme.

Bedazzled fun—Jewels, pearls, and faux diamonds all offer the means to create funky wedding decor accents at your reception. You can use clear crystals with your centerpieces by attaching them to the edges of the vases, or have your florist integrate the jewels into the arrangements themselves for a stunning display of glamorous, funky flair. If the reception space includes any crystal chandeliers or old-fashioned candelabras, using these funky wedding decor accents can further enhance the elegant tone of the area.

Pattern love—From damask and plaid patterns to paisley and polka dots, using design patterns with your napkins, table linens, or drapes is an excellent way to bring your wedding reception decor from drab to fab. This is especially helpful if you want your table decor to pop amidst a sea of traditional decor. So, even if you’re having a very formal affair, integrating a chic, fun pattern into your reception decor gives you the opportunity to freshen things up. Even better, it’s an affordable way to spice up your wedding day decor without breaking the bank.

Use these tips for creating funky decor accents throughout your wedding decor theme, and watch your event come to life as you let those accents express your personality.

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