Three Ways to Simplify Your Wedding Planning Process

Feeling overwhelmed by the wedding planning process? You’re not alone, bride-to-be! Check out these three easy ways to simplify your wedding planning process and eliminate some of that stress.

From the moment you get engaged, embarking on the wedding planning process becomes an exciting yet hefty feat. Whether you’re having a small, informal affair or a lavish, formal event, putting together a flawless wedding is a task not for the faint of heart. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and want to throw in the towel before you even get started!

However, there are three simple ways to simplify your wedding process:

Make hiring a professional wedding planner a priority on your expense list—No matter how large or small your wedding budget, seriously consider making a professional wedding planner first priority on your expense list. If at all possible, do what you need to do to work one into your budget. If this means sacrificing in other areas, so be it. Trust us—a professional wedding planner is worth their weight in gold!

Don’t procrastinate—It doesn’t matter if you have 10 days or 1 year to plan your wedding; do not procrastinate! Many brides put off small details, such as favor shopping or picking out bridal accessories, thinking they’ll have time to handle those tasks closer to the big day. In reality, it’s those small tasks that cause big road bumps when they’re neglected until the last minute. The golden rule of thumb for everything wedding-planning related is “the earlier, the better.” Plan ahead with every aspect, from the cake and caterer selection to the favor shopping and honeymoon arrangements.

Delegate—It also doesn’t hurt to delegate some of your to-do tasks to trusted family and friends. Delegating certain tasks to your maid of honor or bridesmaid, such as running the dresses to the bridal boutique for a final steaming or reviewing the final menu details with the caterer, can really help simplify the wedding planning process and help you cut your stress in half.

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