Three Things You Need to Start Planning Your Wedding

If you’re recently engaged and about to embark on the wedding planning process, here are three basic things you’ll need to get started.

Planning your wedding is one of most exciting things you’ll do in your lifetime. Whether you’re a huge romantic at heart and want to plan that dream affair or you’re laidback and want to put together a modest, no-fuss event, the wedding planning process is a blast because you get to express yourself, bring your family and friends together, and create an occasion that focuses on your love and commitment for your partner.

While wedding planning is loads of fun, it can also be very overwhelming at first. To get organized and start planning your wedding, make sure you have these three things in place before you begin:

A set budget—No matter what, you’re going to need a set budget to start planning your wedding. It’s crucial to sit down with your partner and set some limits and discuss a realistic number you can work with. A set budget will provide a backdrop for the entire planning process because it will dictate how much you can and cannot spend.

A vision—You’ll also need a vision. From the ceremony and reception location to the formality of the occasion and the theme, you’ll need to agree on a vision for your wedding day. Choose a style, theme, and the color you’d like to work with, and be sure to take your personality into account. All of these factors will help set the stage for the wedding planning process and will make the later stages of the process cohesive and much easier in general.

An organizational tool—Even if you plan on hiring a wedding coordinator, you’ll need a way to personally keep track of expenses, catering menus, venue brochures, and appointment dates. Invest in a wedding website (many are free or of little cost) or purchase a paperback planner or binder from your local bookstore or bridal boutique. This gives you a place to store your wedding-related files and receipts and is a must-have to start planning your wedding.

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