Three Things Every Wedding Ensemble Needs

Are you in the process of putting together your wedding ensemble? Check out these three things that every wedding ensemble needs before you decide what to wear for your big day!

Every wedding ensemble needs certain pieces to pull the whole look together, and if any of those pieces are missing or off balance, the outfit will suffer and your guests will notice. Not only will your wedding ensemble draw the wrong kind of attention, but you won’t be as comfortable. And when you’re walking down the aisle and celebrating at your wedding reception, you want to be comfortable!

Here are three things every wedding ensemble needs no matter what:

Rockin’ accessories—Okay, so this doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with the accessories. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. To truly rock your wedding accessories, keep in mind that less is more. You can wear something elaborate or glamorous if that’s your style, but make sure you’re not dripping in jewels and weighing yourself down. Not only will it be distracting, it’ll be downright uncomfortable!

The perfect shoe—This is a must. Even though your shoes won’t be center stage like the rest of your outfit, they will still make a difference in your overall look, and more importantly, your comfort throughout the day. If you plan on dancing until the sun comes up, opt for a flat of some sort. If you need some height, consider bringing two pairs of shoes—one for the ceremony and reception photos, and then a pair of flats for dancing.

The right do—The hairdo you choose has the power to complement your wedding ensemble and polish it off, or to make it look less than appealing. If you’re going for a modern, trendy wedding ensemble, opt for an equally chic, elegant hairdo. Whatever you do, don’t be sloppy, and don’t choose a style that doesn’t enhance the tone or feel of your gown.

Keep these three things in mind if you want to pull your wedding ensemble together and turn heads—in a good way!—as you walk down the aisle.

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